[Blip] May the 4th be with you!

Happy Star Wars day everybody!

I haven’t had the time to write any blog posts recently, but I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to wish you all the best on this wonderful day.

Game related: Valve, Microsoft and Sony are having Star Wars related sales on their respective platforms (Steam, Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store). Nintendo isn’t joining the festivities… for now.

Recommendation: if you’ve never had the privilege of playing the Knights of The Old Republic series now’s probably not a bad time to grab both games on Steam. They’re €2,99 per title. Or… you could wait until they show up during the unavoidable Steam Summer Sale in a month or two, but then you wouldn’t be able to start playing them on this festive day!

Blog update: I went to the Antwerp Convention on April 26th and plan to write a (game related) post about it, but for now you’ll have to do with this photo I took of an army of life sized motor controlled R2’s ready to take over the city and afterward the entire world! Well… Not really. One of them does play the Mos Eisley Cantina song when you push one of his buttons though. So there’s that.





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