About the Author

M.C.J.F. was born a Belgian in 1986 and has not been writing and has not been playing videogames since the day that he was born, as you would normally read in these kinds of author descriptions. He got his first videogame console from his grandfather/godfather in 1994 (a Nintendo Gameboy, bundled with Tetris and Yoshi’s Cookie). He got his third videogame from his grandmother/godmother and grandfather in 1995 (Super Mario Land). His first article was published in 2009 and had nothing to do with videogames whatsoever. It was a scientific article about 17th and 18th century crime reporting in the Southern Netherlands published in Tijdschrift voor Mediagschiedenis. His first (and only) article about videogames (so far) was published in 2014 and was no longer than six sentences. It was a review of South Park: The Stick of Truth for the Playstation 3 in the Belgian weekly magazine Storywood, which is coordinated by his wonderful wife.


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