2015 Most Wanted (Post-E3 Edition)

(5) Super Mario Maker (WiiU): the first “endless” Mario platform game, and thankfully it’s not an “endless runner” game – although you probably will be able to create your own “endless runner game” in this game. Indeed, Super Mario Maker, is the big N’s answer to the success of Microsoft’s Minecraft and Sony’s Little Big Planet series. You’ll be able to create your own Mario themed levels and share them with the entire world – or at least share them with those 10 million people in the world that own a WiiU. Not much of a creator yourself, and not in the mood to play random people’s crappy levels? There are also about 100 official levels created by Nintendo, making it one of the most content rich 2D Mario games to date, included in the package. Best thing about Super Mario Maker? It’s releasing the day after tomorrow!

European release date: September 11th

Super Mario Maker

(4) Persona 5 (PS3/PS4): what was one of the most niche Japanese RPG series has now become… Well, the Persona series, is still quite niche to be honest, but it has been attracting a wider audience these last few years with the releases of Persona 3 Portable on PlayStation Portable and Persona 4 Golden on PlayStation Go.. I mean.. VITA. Like its predecessors, Persona 5  will be part dating sim (okay, it’s not exactlya dating sim, but “social link game” doesn’t sound right either), part turn-based RPG. More precisely, you’ll once again play as a Japanese high school student that goes to school, makes friends, lives a normal life on regular days, but whom is also able to link with weird looking creatures (called persona) for battles in some sort of altered dimension. Still wondering why the series is somewhat niche? If you do, Persona 5, will be right up your alley!

European release date: 2015

Persona 5

(3) Rise of the Tomb Raider (X360/XONE): 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot was a big success, both critically (what cannot be said about the novelized sequel) and financially (although publisher Square-Enix wasn’t that happy with the initial sales). It was an epic action adventure game staring Lara Croft (whom, of course, needs no introduction) with high production values and a more than decent story – from the hand of Rhianna Pratchett. Rise of the Tomb Raider promises to be more of the same… More of the same, but covered in snow, that is. And, honestly, who wouldn’t want to see that? Winter is coming… a bit early this year, since the game is said to release in November already.

European release date: November 13th
Rise of the Tomb Raider

(2) Fallout 4 (PC/PS4/XONE): Fallout 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. It’s an isometric action RPG. Fallout 3 was quite a different game (a first person shooter/RPG), but was still one of the best games on the previous generation of consoles. Fallout 4 look a lot like Fallout 3 (it’s also a first person shooter/RPG), which is not a bad thing necessarily – otherwise it wouldn’t be ranked number 2 on this list. You’ll once again play as a person (you’ll get to choose between a man and a woman, like you could in Fallout 2!) that spent the most of their life sheltered in a vault because of the fallout (hence the title, duh) created by the nuclear war that destroyed the world, but whom now needs to leave said vault for some or other reason. After having explored the wastelands of Washington and New Vegas, this time we’ll get to explore the wastes of Boston. I’ll send you a postcard to tell you about my trip!

European release date: November 10th

Fallout 4

(1) Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU): Xenoblade Chronicles X is the only game to survive the previous Most Wanted list (two games on the previous list were moved to 2016, two others have already been released) and, yes, it’s still the game releasing this year which I’m looking forward to the most. Here’s what I wrote previously:

First there was Final Fantasy VII for the original Playstation. Then there was Fallout 3 for the Playstation 3. On the third day God gave us Xenoblade Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii, and he saw that it was good. More than good actually. It was amazing. The first Xenoblade Chronicles is not only regarded to be one of the best Japanese roleplaying games of the previous generation of consoles. It is also my favorite game of all time. Expectations for its HD follow-up are… high, to say the least. The new game will boast an even larger over world with even bigger monsters to fight, will give us the chance to cross said world in mech-suits, and generally promises to be the biggest sci-fi opera/fantasy RPG to date. Plus, the trailer that revealed that Monolith Soft’s mysterious game (X) was actually Xenoblade Chronicles X, alsorevealed the Nopon race to be in this game as well. Meaning we’ll probably get to be called the ‘heropon’ once more. Cannot wait to spend a 100+ hours on this game!

What I wrote then (mostly) still holds up today. Expectations may be a bit less high, because of some mixed reactions about the online features in the game coming from Japan (where the game has already been released), but they’re still high. Still cannot wait to spend 100+ hours on this game!

European release date: December 4th

Xenoblade Chronicles X


The future of Nintendo: what’s to come after Spring 2016? (1)

E3 has come and gone and all the big players have made some exciting new announcements about their upcoming and future games. Unlike, for instance, Sony, Nintendo decided to focus on games they will be releasing in the coming year instead of in the coming years. For some (including myself) their digital E3 event was a bit underwhelming. Mostly because we already knew about most of their games that will release before the Spring of 2016. Especially when looking at WiiU.

In this series of articles I will look at what Nintendo will most likely deliver after Spring 2016. Of course I do not have a crystal ball, so what I will be presenting here are just some educated guesses about what Nintendo’s (affiliated) studios are most likely to be working on right now.

First off let’s take a look at Nintendo’s main internal development studios in Japan: the Nintendo EAD studios! There are 7 EAD studios, 5 of them are located in Kyoto, 2 of them in Tokyo. We will take a closer look at all 7 of these studios in the coming paragraphs.


Developer Latest game Release date Other games and projects Next game
Kyoto EAD 1 Mario Kart 8 May 2014 Mario Kart series

Nintendogs series

(?) New Nintendogs

Mario Kart 8

What are they working on?

EAD 1 has been working on updating the Mario Kart 8 experience after the original game was released in May 2014. The latest DLC pack was released not so long ago, about a year after the release of the original game. No further DLC packs have been announced.

Since I can’t imagine the whole Mario Kart team having worked on the DLC packs for a year, production of the next Mario Kart must be at least a year underway by now. The new Mario Kart will release on NX, as Nintendo is in the habit of releasing 1 Mario Kart per system.

EAD 1’s second team, led by producer Hideki Konno (who is also the producer for Mario Kart) and director Yasuyuki Oyagi, is most likely working on the next Nintendogs, which will probably be released together with Nintendo’s next handheld – whether that be the rumored “Fusion” project or not.


What does this mean for WiiU?

EAD 1 is probably not actively producing a WiiU game. A small team may still be working on Mario Kart 8 updates, but since the game is more than a year old right now, chances are slim that we will see more big content updates (like 200cc). A small team may still be working on DLC in collaboration with studios in charge of other Nintendo IPs, but also here chances are slim. If more Mario Kart 8 DLC was incoming, E3 would have been the perfect time to announce it.


Developer Latest game Release date Other games and projects Next game
Kyoto EAD 2 Splatoon May 2015 Wii Sports series

Nintendo Land

Animal Crossing series

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Splatoon 4

What are they working on?

EAD 2 has been working on two Animal Crossing spin offs that will be released in 2015: Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival. These games reuse assets from New Leaf (released in 2012) and Plaza (released in 2013).

Although both games are directed by Aya Kyogoku, it is most likely that only a small part of the Animal Crossing team is working on Happy Home Designer and a small part of the “party games team” (Nintendo Land, Wii Sports) is working on Amiibo Festival, meaning that the remaining members of both teams have most likely been working on the next major installments in the Animal Crossing and Wii Sports series since 2013.

While the next Animal Crossing will probably be a cross gen game (on WiiU and on NX), the new Wii Sports game will be a launch game for NX.

The third team working at EAD 2 just finished Splatoon and will continue supporting that game for a while, while most likely starting to work on the blueprints for Splatoon 2 for NX.


What does this mean for WiiU?

We may still see a full-fledged Animal Crossing game after Spring 2016 on WiiU after the release of Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival in the Fall of 2015. The other two teams will not be making new games for WiiU. The team behind Wii Sports and Nintendo Land is most likely making a release game for NX (one that shows of the new system’s capabilities) and the Splatoon team will have started working on Splatoon 2 for NX. A small part of the Splatoon team will create DLC for Splatoon until May 2016.


Developer Latest game Release date Other games and projects Next game
Kyoto EAD 3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds November 2013 The Legend of Zelda series The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

A Link between Worlds

What are they working on?

EAD 3 has been working on The Legend of Zelda for WiiU since 2013. No release date has been announced, but it will most likely release in 2016 for WiiU (and some say for NX as well).

A small team is working on Tri Force Heroes for the Nintendo 3DS, which reuses a lot of assets from A Link Between Worlds, and which is set to release later in 2015.

While it is possible that another spin-off is in the works, it is most likely that most of EAD 3’s work force is working on the next big Zelda game and that no other projects are in the works.


What does this mean for WiiU?

The next big Legend of Zelda game will be on WiiU. Whether it will be exclusively on WiiU or whether it will be a cross-gen game like Twilight Princess was, remains to be seen. No other games (unless a possible Zelda spin-off) will be produced for WiiU by EAD 3.


Developer Latest game Release date Other games and projects Next game
Kyoto EAD 4 Pikmin 3 July 2013 Pikmin series

New Super Mario Bros series

Super Mario Maker

Pikmin 3

What are they working on?

EAD 4’s New Super Mario Bros team has been working on Super Mario Maker since 2013 at the latest. The game will release in September for WiiU. While it is unlikely that the New Super Mario Bros team was working on anything but Super Mario Maker during its development, work on a New Super Mario Bros game for NX may have started by now.

A smaller team may have started working on another Maker game or DLC for Super Mario Maker. Looking at internal assets, most likely candidate would be Yoshi’s Island Maker, which may or may not be (standalone) DLC for Super Mario Maker on WiiU.

The Pikmin team has probably started working on the next Pikmin, which will most likely not release on WiiU, but on NX.

What does this mean for WiiU?

Super Mario Maker will release in September for WiiU. Depending on its success DLC may still be created for the WiiU game, most likely incorporating Yoshi. No new game from EAD 4 will be coming to WiiU after that.


Developer Latest game Release date Other games and projects Next game
Kyoto EAD 5 Steel Diver Sub Wars February 2014 Steel Diver series

Wii Fit series

Star Fox Zero

Steel Diver Sub Wars

What are they working on?

EAD 5 is currently working on Star Fox Zero, Project Guard and Project Giant Robot, which are all projects helmed by Shigeru Miyamoto and are supposed to be released by the end of 2015.

EAD 5 has a history of co-developing games with other developers/developing groups. This isn’t different for Star Fox Zero, as it has been announced during E3 that Platinum games (of Bayonetta fame) is co-developing the title.

EAD 5 has become Miyamoto’s playground in the last few years (he also created the original Steel Diver which is being handled by the studio) and is more of an experimental development group.

On the other hand, EAD 5 also works on the Wii Fit Series, and most likely it has begun working on Wii Fit for NX as well. Will the next Wii Fit be related to Nintendo’s upcoming Quality of Life project? Only time can tell.

What does this mean for WiiU?

With three games still slated for release on WiiU by the end of 2015, chances are slim we will see any of EAD 5’s work on WiiU after those games are released.


Developer Latest game Release date Other games and projects Next game
Tokyo EAD 1 The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D February 2015 Super Mario Galaxy

The Legend of Zelda remakes

Nintendo (3)DS guide

(?) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess remake

 Majora 3D

What are they working on?

Tokyo EAD 1 once developed Super Mario Galaxy, but that was in 2007. Afterwards they haven’t produced a single big title anymore, which means that they have been working on the next big Mario since 2007 or that they have been demoted.

Since Miyamoto has been working more closely with EAD 5 in Kyoto ever since the release of Super Mario Galaxy, and Tokyo EAD 2 has developed Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World in the meanwhile, the latter seems more likely.

Tokyo EAD 1 has mostly been working together with external developer Grezzo to remake several The Legend of Zelda games for Nintendo 3DS (Occarina of Time 3D, Four Swords Anniversary Edition and Majora’s Mask 3D).

They have also created several guides for Nintendo DS and 3DS (including the Louvre Guide).

Most likely they just started working together with Grezzo on another The Legend of Zelda remake, and the most likely contenders in that respect are: Twilight Princess HD (for WiiU) and Four Swords Adventures Anniversary (for New 3DS and WiiU). While the latter may seem the most feasible for the studio, fans have really been dreaming of a Twilight Princess remake ever since the tech demo shown at E3 2012. With some help of Kyoto EAD 3, it is not unlikely that Tokyo EAD1 is working on making this dream a reality together with Grezzo.

What does this mean for WiiU?

Although Tokyo EAD 1 has not made a single WiiU game (apart from the app: WiiU Panorama view), it is not impossible that they are working on a Twilight Princess HD remake together with Kyoto EAD 3 and Grezzo exclusively for WiiU. The exclusivity of this game may help soften the blow for the fact that the next big Zelda will not come exclusively to WiiU, but will be a cross-gen game. A September 2016 release seems to be possible.

The other possibility is that they are working on Four Swords Adventures Anniversary for News 3DS (and maybe) WiiU.

There’s a chance we may see some of Tokyo EAD 1’s work on WiiU, but this may be more wishful thinking than anything else.


Developer Latest game Release date Other games and projects Next game
Tokyo EAD 2 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker January 2015 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario 3D series

NES Remix

(?) SNES Remix

Captain Toad

What are they working on?

Tokyo EAD 2 has been in charge of Mario’s 3D outings ever since Super Mario Galaxy 2. They have made some smaller side games, like Captain Toad: Treasure tracker and the NES Remix games, but their main focus is on 3D Mario.

Their next big game will most likely be the next big 3D Mario and the release of that game will most likely coincide with the launch of NX.

It may be Super Mario Galaxy 3, but it may be something entirely new as well. Time will tell. There’s a chance that before the next big Mario we will see something smaller from them, like SNES Remix or something similar though.

What does this mean for WiiU?

We may see a smaller project from Tokyo EAD 2 still come to fruition on WiiU (like SNES Remix), but their next big 3D Mario game will most likely be skipping WiiU for NX. Although, it isn’t impossible that we may still see Super Mario 3D World 2 or Super Mario Sunshine HD before that happens on WiiU, we should not get our hopes up too much. Just like with Tokyo EAD 1 this may mostly be wishful thinking.

All in all, it doesn’t seem likely that we will be seeing many more WiiU games from the EAD studios after Spring 2016. The Legend of Zelda will still apear on WiiU, and maybe Animal Crossing will as well, but apart from those two big games, the EAD studios will have shifted their focus to the next generation of Nintendo consoles. We may still get an HD remake or two and a smaller game or two as well, but that’s about it.

But… Do not fear yet, Nintendo fans, because next time we will be taking a look at what Nintendo’s SPD studios are most likely working on. So, as Marie and Callie would say: until then, stay fresh!